We commit to understand your technical and commercial needs,supply innovative best in class performing products, and optimize yourprocess with expertise and local service, care and attention.

As environmental consciousness grows in the minds of industrial decision makers, practical solutions and services are required to allow for environmental regulatory compliance, manufacturing material and process input cost savings as well as energy and waste handling cost savings.

Glenco, formerly Harmony Envirotech, offers practical solutions that make sense to all stakeholders in Nature and Industry. Our liquid-solid separation technologies allows industry to rework their process to save costs, reclaim valuable process by-products, and reduce the volume and costs of handling waste. Our storage and scrubbing technologies allow for safe and practical protection of the environment from hazardous materials.

Our Partners

Denali Incorporated is the pioneer and industry leader in Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) composite construction for corrosive environments. Products manufactured by Denali companies, include: thermoplastic lined FRP and unlined FRP equipment and tanks for above and below ground use, process vessels, stacks, chimney liners, scrubbers, piping systems, duct systems, dampers, manholes, oil/water separators and a vast scope of additional products.


Diemme Filtration manufactures a comprehensive and innovative range of filter presses. Ourextensive range of products are used in the following industries: Mining & Metallurgical, Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Power, Metal Finishing, Construction & Dredging, Textile & Tannery, Food & Beverage.


Nash, the world-class supplier of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps and Compressors, Ejectors and Engineered Systems.
We Provide Vacuum System Optimization, New Pumps and Pump Repairs, Pump Exchange Program, On-site Inspections, OEM Parts and Warranty.