Remove pointer cursor from field areas in profile view mode, Fix an issue with admin roles in editing fields, Fix whitepspace issue with Email Address validation, Fix profile visibility option in member directories, Fix icon display as label in profile view, Fix dynamic CSS options in member directory, Add filter hook to disable secure account fields, Adds a body class in profile/user page for the current loggedin user, Fix select/multi-select field options translation, Fix profiles visibility and access permissions in member directories, Fix author name in recent comments widget, Fix overwrite of multiple image and file uploads with the same filename, Fix conditional field option with ‘contains’, Fix loop email notifications on user creation in the back-end. Our official theme is purpose built for websites that have logged in and out users. However, if you add features of Ultimate Member to other pages you have to exclude those pages from being cached through your cache plugin settings panel. Adds a filter hook to modify the submitted details on registration process, Adds a filter hook to disable canonical link in header, Adds a filter hook to modify the auto-generated email address on registration process, Adds filter hooks to modify locale, language file path and textdomain. Fixes a bug to redirect users to correct URL after login based from login options. Yes. Core Plugin General. The form has also been given a max-width of 450px. Ultimate Member will work with any properly coded theme. To increase the max-width of the forms you need to do the following: © ForumWP is a forum plugin which adds an online forum to your website, allowing users to create topics and write replies. JobsBoardWP – This free extension integrates Ultimate Member with the job board plugin JobBoardWP. However, some themes may cause conflicts with the plugin. Fixes a bug where uninstall link doesn’t load. As I started building a community. Located in UM > Settings > Advanced > Stop generating profile slugs in member directory. Fixes a bug where Users queue count in the Admin >, Fixes a typo in Password Reset Email option’s description, Fixes a bug where conditional fields ‘equals to’ validation on registration process, Fixes a bug to disable the query with hiding account on member directory, Fixes a bug to retrieve specific number of members, Fixes a bug where login form redirection is set to. Tweak: improved localization notification in backend, Fixed: a minor css issue with multi-select field placeholder, New: added a built-in automatic language pack downloader, New: plugin now available in Italian, Turkish (40%), Tweak: If you need the plugin on available language pack you can download it automatically via the dashboard, Tweak: when user updates account page the page will refresh and stay in the same tab, Fixed: possible permalinks conflict with some wordpress themes, Tweak: automatic line breaks in user description field, Tweak: added gravatar rating parameter to the gravatar function, Fixed: permalinks issue with customized slug for user and account pages, New: URLs in user description are automatically converted to hyperlinks, New: added option to redirect author archive to their UM profile automatically, New: added option to show asterisk next to required fields (optional), New: Turkish language file (40% completed), Tweak: updated language file with missing sentences and words, Tweak: auto redirect user/ base to user profile (e.g. 2020. If you are a developer and you need to know the list of UM Hooks, make this via our Hooks Documentation. This improves the performance when loading profiles in directories. Fixes a bug to allow users change their password in account form, Fixes a bug to allow role validation and assigning of roles to users on registration process, Fixes a bug to avoid blank admin footer text all around WordPress, Adds a new filter hook to modify the profile, Adds a system information tool for support purposes. Yes. Go to Ultimate Member > Settings > Appearance > Login Form, On the login form tab find the option "Login Maximum Width". Ultimate Membership Pro is the newest and the best Membership WordPress Plugin that allow you to create and work with multi-level exclusive access for your Users based on simple Free packages or Payed packages. The first step to creating a new registration form is to give the form a title. Ultimate Member works great on both single site and multi-site WordPress installs.

Ultimate Member Group Ltd You can also look for the default role in WP Admin > General Settings > New User Default Role. Fixes a bug to show ‘Last Login’ field in profile edit and view mode. [your-shortcode user_id={profile_id}], New: added security feature to disable admin logging via frontend (optional), New: added filter to um_get_core_page() function (for developers), New: added sorting members by last login date, New: added option to re-assign core pages in plugin settings, Fixed: issue with multi-select required field, Fixed: backend user filtering by non-english role, Fixed: Woocommerce manual order dropdown conflict, New: ability to delete user cache from plugin dashboard, New: function is_ultimatemember() checks if user is on UM page (developers), New: option to disallow editing email in account page, New: added Spanish (Mexico) language support, Fixed: bug with profile viewing and user roles, Fixed: Woocommerce dropdown bugs/conflicts, Fixed: ipad/tablet css fixes for profile columns, Fixed: deleting users delete their content, Fixed: Redux errors and popups in backend, Fixed: major issue with showing HTML in profiles, New: easily sync UM roles with WP roles with role settings, New: first steps towards WPML compatibility, New: option to show member results only If user has searched, New: add .um-err class to UM form if the form contains errors, New: updated redux framework to latest version, Fixed: feed issue with private / access locked posts, New: added support for Farsi / Romanian language, Tweak: adapted core community roles to prevent conflicts, Fixed: bug with search results pagination, Fixed: issue with panic key usage and wp-admin screen, Fixed: bug with custom field validation action, Fixed: php notice causing errors to appear in both frontend and backend, New: added required support for WooCommerce extension, Tweak: added option to fix conflicts of user profile links using different server method to get current url, Fixed: security fix for redux framework added, Tweak: added a filter hook to change priority of enqueued styles/scripts, Fixed: UM forms and elements not appearing in IE, Fixed: conflict with libraries using Mobile Detect, Fixed: issue with WP locale (using get_locale() now instead), Fixed: WooCommerce dropdown issues and bugs in backend, Tweak: do not show captcha response in submitted registration details, Fixed: profile photo upload issue on profile view mode, Fixed: admin settings css issue on mobile, Fixed: issue with image upload during registration, New: hooks and compatibility with Private Messages extension, Fixed: bug with empty password on welcome e-mail, Fixed: bug with member search using default permalinks, New: RESTful API methods update.user, get.stats, and delete.user, Tweak: minor account and logout redirection tweaks, Fixed: issue with biography field and html, Fixed: bug with changing user role and status in backend, New: user profiles are cached to speed up load time, New: emoji support added to bio / user descriptions, Fixed: bug with localization of en_US.po file, New: Important: Introduces the Ultimate Member RESTful API, Fixed: issue with invalid html on profile photo and cover photo, New: added custom field validation support via hooks um_custom_field_validation_{$hook}, Fixed: important bug with profile menu tabs / system, New: display pending users count in backend, Tweak: improved user deletion process from backend, Tweak: tweaked filter for register/login buttons, Tweak: disabled registration timebot for admins, Fixed: wp-load.php path in image and file upload scripts, Fixed: bug with registration and role field, Fixed: bug with edit profile and biography length in header, Fixed: Important WP 4.2 conflict resolved: filtering users in backend, Tweak: general code tweaks and improvements, Tweak: new action hook when user is deleted, Tweak: new action/filter hooks for profiles (developers), Tweak: new filter hook for profile privacy option, Fixed: password reset security fix ( do not reveal emails ), Fixed: display name in member directories, Fixed: URL fields display in member directory, Fixed: Security patch related to add_query_arg(), Fixed: major bug with admin capability / editing user profiles via frontend, New: added caching to user roles and user permissions to save queries, New: added user switching feature to allow super admins to sign in as another user easily (without password), New: added new modal css/js for future support, New: added custom scrollbar support for future development use, Fixed: prevent access for backend login/register/lost password for a logged in user, Fixed: major bug with datepicker (Update recommended), New: new action hook that runs when user role is changed um_member_role_upgrade, Fixed: bug/compatibility issue with caching UM roles data, Fixed: bug with changing role settings/permissions, Fixed: bug with setting e-mail activation redirect URL, Fixed: Major bug with dropdown and date fields (Update recommended), New: added option to manage if access control widgets can be edited by admins only, Tweak: update to last security patch – deletes user who try to get unauthorized access, Fixed: Important security patch – please update, Fixed: conflict with The Events Calendar plugin, Fixed: bug where you user could use an already existing e-mail in account page, Fixed: bug with special characaters in username, Fixed: bug with showing draft posts in user profile, New: added multi language support to assign different languages to different forms (beta feature), New: added RTL support (beta, still partial), New: added a dashboard widget to view latest blog posts from the plugin, Tweak: changed manage_options permission to edit_users on some admin actions, Fixed: corrected all active color references in the css, Fixed: do not store user_pass in submitted metakey during registration, Fixed: issue with showing sidebar logout widget on bbpress forums, Tweak: added more hooks to mail function to allow for sending custom e-mails, Fixed: issue with content lock settings in backend appearing for non-admins, Fixed: bug with showing register and login forms on same page, New: added option to customize redirection URL after e-mail activation, Fixed: issue with hardcoded ajax/upload URLs – they are now localized, Fixed: issue with admin notification for a deleted account, Fixed: admin notifications are in plain text format, Tweak: featured image in user posts goes to post link, Fixed: solved a bug with e-mail validation, Tweak: error message for frontend upload with theme/plugin conflicts, Tweak: Major Performance Improvements (beta), Tweak: profile edit form tweaked to be processed for profile edit only. Head over to our documentation and perform a search of the knowledge base. Adds filter hook to modify the data of selected value: Adds new select/multi-select options to retrieve options from a callback.

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