Filter Presses

GHT-F Fast Cycling Filter Press

The Diemme ® Filtration GHT-F Filter Press – developed specifically for highly filterable products, especially mining concentrates and tailings applications.


The electrically driven movement of the mobile header and the resulting accordion style opening of the plate pack reduces the cake discharge time and the entire opening – closing sequence of the filter. The result is a fast cycling filter press which allows increased production per unit are of the filter.

The overhead side beam structure facilitates the installation of different performance improving devices such as the 2 stage cloth rinsing system and the plate shaking system. Routine maintenance operations are made easier due to an integrated platform that enables access from above the machine. The plate pack is sealed closed by means of 4 hydraulic cylinders. This system ensures correct functioning of the machine and compensates for possible misalignments of the plate pack.

Design Features

Double beam; Accordion-style plate pack opening and closing system; Automatic cloth washing device; Cloth rinsing system; Plate-shaking device; Load Cells; Multiple feeding system; Optimized fluid dynamics; PLC (HMI – Human Machine Interface); Integrated platform for maintenance operations.

Unique Features and Benefits
  • Fully automatic machinery
  • Very high dewatering performance
  • Reduced component wear
  • Low operational costs
  • Double washing system
  • Rapid and simple cloth changing system
  • Integrated platform that allows the operator to carry out all required maintenance operations safely
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Automat Filter Press

The Diemme ® Filtration Automat filter press achieves the best filtration results in all applications and industries characterized by a small number of daily filtration cycles for slow filtering products.

Design Features

Plate pack closing device: highly-reliable plate pack opening and closing operations; High pressure cloth washing: specially-designed device to perform the most efficient and effective cloth washing at the highest level of automation; Plate shifting device: very fast, the plates are shifted one by one by 2 trolleys equipped with automated hooks; Plates lifting hoist: simple maintenance procedures; Photocell safety curtain: use of the most modern and advanced systems for operator protection and safety; Plates weight control system; Quick access of an operator through the side photoelectric barriers without stopping the machine; PLC (HMI).

Unique Features and Benefits
  • Extraordinary versatility
  • Very low operator intervention
  • Complete customisation
  • Compact and strong design
  • Automatic cake discharge
  • High safety level
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Diemme® Filtration’s High Rate thickeners are an advanced product derived from our extensive experience in solid/liquid separation applications, such as mining, chemical, waste water and more, coupled with our technical research to continuously improve and optimize sedimentation in filtration plants.


Diemme® Filtration’s High Rate thickeners cover a wide range of productivity and compliment the performance of Diemme®’s filter-presses, from our smallest to the largest unit.

Thickeners are available in “Full-Span-Bridge-Supported” design or “Center-Column-Supported” design (above 40m diameter). Furthermore, according to specific requirements of the project, tanks are available in “Free-Standing steel tank” design or “On-Ground concrete tank” design.

The process performance of a thickener is mainly defined by the way the equipment is able to mix the flocculant and solids particles, dissipate the energy and evenly distribute the slurry into the tank.

These functions are achievable with use of Diemme® Filtration’s feedwell, available with auto/forced dilution, designed with CFD simulations and validated in real operating conditions with outstanding performance in term of cost and operation.

The results are low flocculant consumption, remarkable overflow clarity and consistent underflow density.

Unique Features and Benefits
  • Complete LAB & SITE testing (flocculants type and dosage selection, static and dynamic test, rheology test, sensitivity analysis),
  • Mechanical design of drive heads,
  • Structural design of engineered tanks aimed at weight reduction (static and dynamic F.E.M. analysis, seismic assessment),
  • Instrumentation & Control aimed at process optimization and Opex OPEX reduction,
  • Customized vendor list,
  • Global after sales service.
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